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Making a Spring Banner

When preparing for Easter last week, I decided it would be nice to have some kind of spring-like festive banner in the living room. I dug through my fabric stash and found a variety of bright scraps, which I cut into diamond shapes that were about a foot long and 5 inches wide. I folded each diamond in half (with the pretty side of the fabric facing out) to create a triangle, … [Read More...]

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Molly’s 10-Minute Chicken

  Folks who haven't done menu planning before sometimes assume it has to be this big complicated thing. Here's how it most commonly looks at my house-- a simple list of meals in a spiral notebook. (If I'd known I was going to show this … [Read More...]

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Hairstyle ideas for curly hair

  I thought it might be fun to share some photos of hairstyles our girls have had over the years.  I've captioned each photo with a short description of the hairstyle.  It's definitely been a learning experience over the years, and some of my … [Read More...]

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Homeschooling Q&A

Homeschooling Q&A

As I was preparing to go to Created for Care this year, I went through some notes from last year and found some of the questions the ladies there asked about homeschooling. I can’t remember how many of these Meghan and I actually answered during our session, but I thought it might be useful to [...]


You know it’s been a bad day at the airport

… when you spot the cot guy driving along dropping off cots at every gate.  Turns out Dallas is not used to snow, wreaking havoc on many, many people’s travel plans yesterday. Many people waited all day as flight after flight was delayed and canceled.  The great news?  My flight was ONLY four hours late, [...]


frugality this week

I reused bags from the bulk-food grocery items I purchased.  Any bag I can use an extra time or two is a money savings. We used cloth napkins at most mealtimes in the past week or so. Bought oranges for 25 cents/lb.  They were the last from a big sale that the store had the [...]

Homeschooling Two-fers

Homeschooling Two-fers

As a momma who’s been homeschooling awhile, I’ve found quite a few ways to streamline things.  Here are some of the ways I make the most of the time I invest in teaching for everyone involved. Teach some subjects every few years You know how some college classes are only offered every other year?  We [...]

He is mighty to save

Let my words be life

(If you’d like to print the above verse, click on it, and you will be sent to the website of its creator.)

New bed!

My hubby’s project

Just had to share a link to my husband’s post about the new bed he made for us. Didn’t he do a great job?  He made the bed from walnut that he milled himself years ago.  Makes our bedroom look so upscale that I hardly recognize it. Also, for any of you curious about what [...]


What lies within

The other day my 9 yo brought me this picture and said she’d drawn it for me. I looked hard at it, trying to make sense of the face in the drawing and said, ‘Wow, she has long eyelashes.” Though I couldn’t figure out why my daughter had drawn the eyelashes only UNDER the eyes. [...]

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The hair

The hair, and Stitch Fix!

First, as promised– the hair. I had to wash it today, and then went through all sorts of round brush/ wet hair/ blow-dryer clutziness trying to make it look like my miracle-working hair salon lady does.  I was in despair for awhile.  But it ended up looking somewhat similar to her results, and so I [...]