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First Car

Frugal Friday: Teen Car Edition

This week was a big one for one of our teens.  After a couple years of working and saving, he was able to buy his first car.  He found this 1995 Cadillac for the princely sum of $1100.  Of course that didn't include the new battery and oil change it immediately needed, or the price of that first tank of gas. He's feeling pretty broke right now. But we are pretty proud of our … [Read More...]

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Spicy BBQ'd Shrimp

Recipe: Spicy Grilled Shrimp

For our 4th of July party several years running we've done spicy grilled shrimp on the barbecue.  Here's the recipe we used this year, and I thought it was really yummy. Since I forgot to get a picture either year, though, the photocredit belongs to … [Read More...]

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Our family place

Down by the river side

This past weekend we took some of the kids camping in the mountains. 'Some' because with three teens working and one taking a summer class, it's becoming just about impossible to find a time everyone can get away. This weekend we left two teens home … [Read More...]

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Turquoise VW camper van on the road in the Isle of Wight

The summer of driving

This may be shaping up to be a busy summer at our house.  Two of our teens are getting their 50 hours of student driving done, so to get all those hours accomplished in 6 months, John and I are being chauffeured EVERYWHERE we go. In the past we’ve had kids wait to apply for [...]


Making a Spring Banner

When preparing for Easter last week, I decided it would be nice to have some kind of spring-like festive banner in the living room. I dug through my fabric stash and found a variety of bright scraps, which I cut into diamond shapes that were about a foot long and 5 inches wide. I folded [...]

The cousins with their grandma

Sunshine and family and fun

Yesterday turned out to be a perfect day to have a crew of 52 over for Easter. We had so much fun! Here are a few photos from the celebration. Hope your Easter was lovely too.


Easter fun

This week we’ve been preparing to have family over to our house for Easter. Along with our kids and grandkids, we’re having both sets of grandparents plus John’s and my brothers and sisters. Between tables in the family room, dining room, and patio, as well as kitchen counter seating and patio furniture, we should be [...]


Frugality this week

Here’s what I did in the past week to save money: I found five pairs of shorts and several shirts at the thrift store for my kids instead of buying them new. When doing yard work this past weekend, instead of buying new wood to replace the rotted-out wood edging around our play area, I [...]


Hairstyle ideas for curly hair

  I thought it might be fun to share some photos of hairstyles our girls have had over the years.  I’ve captioned each photo with a short description of the hairstyle.  It’s definitely been a learning experience over the years, and some of my early attempts were a little rough.  I was inexperienced, and my [...]

All the people said Amen


Springtime and Recipes

I think I have spring fever this week. I’m weeding flowerbeds, planting petunias, cleaning out the sandbox, going for walks in the spring air, defrosting the freezer and cleaning out the pantry. (I know how to have fun, right? ) It feels great to be getting some of these projects done. Here are some more [...]

my willow tree 'bouquet'

Goals this week

Thinking about what I’d like to get accomplished this week– here’s what’s on my list: 1. Fertilize the lawn and weed flowerbeds. I’m so much looking forward to having flowers to cut for the table. The other day, desperate for freshness, I cut some branches off the willow tree, and decided they looked kinda pretty [...]


At the Ball

Here are a few pictures from the ball that was put on by our local homeschool graduation organization this weekend. It was a fun chance for homeschooled juniors and seniors in our area to dress up, get together, and have a lot of fun doing some traditional folk dancing. Parents and homeschool alumni were welcome [...]