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I’m an INTJ. You?



Do you like taking personality tests?  I love them, which, it turns out, is pretty normal for my Myers-Briggs personality type.  Here’s a fairly quick test you can take if you’re curious what type you are.

Once you know your own type, it’s also kind of fun to find out what types various famous people are.  The other night, in the middle of watching the final season of 24, I had to pause to google what Jack Bauer’s personality type is.  (He’s an ISTP, if you care.)

I also have been harassing my family members by asking them take the test.  It is an interesting way to understand them a bit better, I think.  Turns out my hubby is  an ISTJ — I think we balance each other out pretty well.

If you decide to take the test  (there are many others online too– that one just happens to be free and fairly brief)  I’d love to hear what type you are too!

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